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 We have two species of Amelanchier available commonly known as the Juneberry, Snowy mespilus, Shadbush or Serviceberry, they are close relatives of the Saskatoon (A. alnifolia) with similar fruit, and although naturalized in much of Northern Europe they are natives of the eastern side of North America where their berries have been used for many generations. These two species are very similar and have often been mistaken for each other, both make attractive large shrubs or small trees with A.canadensis reaching about 8m but A. lamarkii nearer 10m.

Easy to grow pretty much anywhere as neither are fussy about soil, even thriving on chalk though they will fruit better in full sun, and even working well as a hedge. Often grown as an ornamentals as the masses of small white flowers, loved by the bees, hang in racemes in April followed by 10mm sweet and juicy maroon berries (rarely ready by June in this country), and colouring up well in the autumn too. 

The North American native peoples crushed the fruit into little cakes for long journeys in the past, more commonly cooked in pies and things these days.

Juneberry, Amelanchier canadensis

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