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Black Chokeberry     £6.50

Aronia melanocarpa                New stock available soon

Purple Chokeberry   £6.00

Aronia prunifolia                      New stock available soon

Please do not be put off by the unfortunate name.  The Chokeberry produces a fruit very like a currant but is a lot easier to grow. 

There are two species of Chokeberries we have available at the moment; the Black Chokeberry Aronia melanocarpa growing to about 1-1.5m with glossy black berries of about 8-10mm;

And the Purple Chokeberry Aronia prunifolia, which can get up to 2m in a sheltered spot with dark red berries of about 6-8mm that can hang on the plants into the early winter.

Both are happy in any soil in sun or part shade, with lovely white flowers in the spring, colourful leaves in the autumn. 
Easy to look after leave it to its own devices, just remember to pick the berries in the autumn. Use them any way you would a currant if the birds will let you.

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Purpla Chokeberry/Aronia prunifolia                Black Chokeberry/Aronia melanocarpa       


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