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Asimina triloba                 Sold out

Well not the tropical Pawpaw (Carica papaya), but a fully hardy Pawpaw from North America and although larger in the States it rarely gets to be more than about 5m in our more maritime climate, and that will take time as it grows only slowly. Giving a touch of the exotic though, it is deciduous but with large glossy oval leaves that turn bright yellow in the autumn, self-fertile, and will grow in any soil that is not too dry but prefering to be in full sun for good fruit production.

The large , purplish flowers are produced in mid to late spring, and it then produces the largest indiginous fruit in the US getting to be anything between 5-15cm long, ready through the early autumn when it falls and is stored until fully ripe when it is sweet, with a soft juicy pulp and used in many ways in it's native country.

Our plant is still only a baby at about six years old but is shown here in it's autumn gold.

Pawpaw, asimina triloba

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