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Evergreen Dogwood  £6.50

Cornus capitata                       Sold out

This is a beautiful tree with lots of interest being a large and colourful member of the dogwood family, not unlike the Kousa in appearance and habit, though evergreen and bigger, reaching about 15-20m in time given a sunny spot.

It comes from the Himalayas and its main attraction are the bright lime yellow bracts that appear in early summer, and the masses of curious orangey-red 20mm fruits in October/November which our birds go mad for.  Leave the ones you can't reach for them and grab some from below as they have some use in the kitchen, with a sweet pulp that can be pushed through a sieve and used to flavour yogurts, fruity drinks etc.  

Cornus capitataEvergreen Dogwood, Cornus capitata fruit


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