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Date Plum              £7.00

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Kaki                        £7.50

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 Relatives of the Persimmon both these trees will grow in this country though the Kaki, or Chinese date plum is less hardy and may struggle in colder areas. Being generally smaller they are easier to accomodate than their larger American cousin and are easy to grow, not being too fussy about soil though with a preferance for a medium loam and will fruit better if grown in a sheltered sunny spot. Pretty too with glossy dark green leaves, greenish flowers produced in early summer and fruit which ripen slowly through the mid-late autumn. The Kaki is on the smaller side and said to have to tastier fruit.

Unfortuneately both these trees are single sexed so usually need a male and female to produce fruit, though the female Kaki will produce seedless fruit on it's own.

The fruit of the Date plum are about 1-2cm in size, yellow to start with then ripening to a dark purple where as the Kaki will produce fruit up to 7-8cm and of various colours, both are on the astingent side unless fully ripe.

Date plum, Diospyros lotus


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