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Autumn Olive        

Elaeagnus umbellata       Sold out     £6.50

Elaeagnus multiflora        Sold out  £7.00

This attractive shrubby tree is increasing in popularity in recent times with good reason. With shimmery-green foliage it's hardy, a nitrogen fixer, and easy to grow reaching to about 4-5m in time and a reliable cropper even for us here in Wales.

It requires nothing special in the way of soil but will be more productive the more sun it gets. Flowering usually through the late summer the fruit is usually ready here in Wales through October/November giving a rare opportunity to pick and eat something fresh when most things are over.

The fruit is about 8mm round, dark red with silvery speckles and very pleasant when fully ripe, much used either raw or preserved. They are also said to have many health giving properties and would certainly be a worth- while addition to any diet.

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Autmn Olive/Elaeagnus umbellataAutumn olive, Elaeagnus umbellata

We sometimes have plants available of the closely related Elaeagnus multiflora, commonly known as Goumi. Almost identical to E. umbellata in many ways but I find it flowers and fruits a season earlier, through the summer, and is a little less robust so doing better with some shelter in our climate.

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