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Called Dearcan feannaig in Scots Gaelic this is a truly wild plant at home on the peaty moors of Scotland. We find they are happy to grow in containers but if you have a shady, peaty spot then so much the better, and it would probably make a good ground cover in such conditions.  Looking a bit like heather and growing up to about 30cm, it is hardy and evergreen and also said to do well in rock gardens or under other acid loving shrubs.

The fruit, a small black berry born in clusters, is ripe in the autumn and some say it has turpentine like taste, slightly acid.  It is rich in vitamin C and used to be eaten raw and was once made into a sort of drink with sour milk.  Perhaps just adding them to a fruit salad would be preferable.

 Crowberry, Empetrum nigrum


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