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Willow-Leaved Sea Buckthorn     £6.50

Hippophae salicifolia                                        Young plants available

To be able to grow the Willow-Leaved Sea Buckthorn you need a good deal of room, as it makes a large rather straggly tree. This, and the fact that it's a strong growing nitrogen-fixer makes it useful in shelterbelts and large hedges where they will benefit their neighbours and add interest in the form of their fruit.

The prolific orange berries are the same as those on it's smaller cousin H. rhamnoides, and are very nutritious, as the plants extensive fine root system brings up all sorts from deep down in the soil. These berries hang on the branches all through the winter, or until you or the birds pick and eat them.

Although very acid the berries make a great juice

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Hippophae salicifolia


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