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Or Matrimony Vine, or Chinese Box Thorn, or more commonly known these days as the Goji Berry, for which there so are many extravagant health claims that the juice has become available even in some supermarkets.

The Wolf Berry can make a good hedge, especially in exposed sites, or be trained up a fence or trellis eventually reaching about 1.5-2m, with spiny, arching stems.  Indeed, it has naturalized along some of our coastline in the south and west.

Fine grey-green leaves and funnel-shaped purple flowers through August to November, followed by the highly prized, small egg-shaped orange or scarlet berries of about 25mm.  Not only that but in China the leaves are often used as a flavouring, and for making tea, which accounts for another of its common names Duke Of Argyle's Tea Plant.

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 Lycium barbarum


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