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Yunnan Crabapple    £6.50

Malus yunnanensis             In stock

The Yunnan Crabapple is a small decorative tree from central China growing in time to about 10m. It's frost hardy, not demanding as to soil type so long as it's on the moist side and though happy in the dappled shade of a woodland it will also thrive in full sun, and is much less spotty or prone to mildew than other members of the Malus family.

The blossom in May is usually white but it's more stricking in the autumn with both the leaves and fruits turning shades of red and orange. The little 1-1.5cm apples are a bit on the sharp side though, better after the frosts have mellowed them but even so, perhaps better left for decoration and the birds...

 Yunnan crabapple, Malus yunnanensis


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