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We have two closely related plants of the Montia or Claytonia family, both of which produce copious quantities of succulent salad leaves during less productive times. Miners' lettuce, Montia or Claytonia perfoliata and Montia sibirica, commonly known as Siberian Purslane or Claytonia sibirica, though both plants are oddly from the N. W. US, not Siberia at all.

They love cool woodland, shady conditions though will grow pretty much anywhere. Very useful as young salad leaves in the late winter and spring when they can form good groundcover, sometimes disappearing for a while in the summer but bouncing back as soon as things cool down and the rain starts. Although considered an annual they will often go through a winter or two, and self-seed all over helping to provide something green at a bleak time of year.

The flavour is not all that strong one way or the other, but they add a lush freshness to a winter and early spring salad. Our chickens love them too...

Minors lettuce, Claytonia perfoliata Siberian purslane, Montia sibirica


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