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Hardy Orange       £7.00

Poncirius trifoliata            In stock

This interesting plant is a close relative of citrus from China/Korea and fully hardy here in the UK, though more productive in the south and west. Hardy Citrus is a slow growing, deciduous, medium sized shrub reaching about 2-3m in time, often grown as a hedge to which it is well suited.

Easy to grow in sun or part shade and happy in any well drained soil it is decorative all year round; with lush green thorny stems in the winter, beautiful scented white blossom in the spring, glossy three lobed foliage through the summer and of course, oranges in the autumn.

The fruit is anything from 2-4cm with a thick skin, has a bitter flavour though can be used to make marmalade, and the juice, which is more easily extracted a week or two after picking makes a refreshing drink. The young leaves have been eaten cooked and apparently the thorns are used in the treatment of toothache!

Hardy orange, Poncirius trifoliataHardy citrus, Poncirius trifoliata

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