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Chinese Quince    £7.00

Pseudocydonia sinensis Sold out

Rarely available, the Chinese Quince is a deciduous or semi-evergreen small tree from China it can reach about 6m x 6m if well sited in time and is the only member of its rather exclusive family. Reasonably easy to grow it prefers a soil with some moisture in it but needs a sunny sheltered spot to fruit well. Avoid over pruning too as the fruits are produced on the previous seasons growth. For the most part it is hardy but may sustain damage in more severe winters.

With single pink flowers of a good size, autumn colour and attractive flaking bark it is charming and ornamental, and it's neat compact habit would make it a good specimen tree for a small garden or an unusual addition to the orchard.

The fruits are large and yellow but like other quinces the fruit never fully develops in the UK and can be used in all the same ways they can.



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