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Rhus aromatica                 In stock  £6.50

Rhus trilobata                    In stock  £6.00

There are several members of this family that produce edible berries, all are decorative shrubs or trees sometimes grown ornamentally for their rich colour in the autumn.  Easy to grow, they like full sun and a well-drained soil, with the added bonus of being resistant to honey fungus. The downy red berries, of about 6mm are acid and lemon like in flavour. They are often used to make a lemony drink by just soaking them in cold water for 10-30 minutes and sweetened as required.

We have two low growing shrubby types currently available; R. trilobata, trailing and good for bonsias, reaching to about 0.5m, and R. aromatica, reaching to about 1m, with scented foliage.      

 Rhus aromatica                                                                  Rhus trilobata


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