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Rubus caesius                  £6.50 In stock

Rubus ursinus                   £7.00 Low stock

A close relative to the blackberry but by no means as thuggish so much easier to accommodate in most gardens. The Dewberry is a less common native, found on sand dunes and poor chalky soils to which it is well adapted. In habit it is like a mini blackberry, low growing with slightly arching or creeping stems and the familiar white flowers in the summer are followed by delicious bloomy black fruits used in any way you would a blackberry.

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American dewberries, Rubus ursinus Rubus caesius

I also have a small number of Pacific Dewberries from the Western Seaboard of the US. They become much larger plants than our native ones but the stems are delicate and trailing so could make an interesting groundcover or be allowed to meander through the trees on the edge of your forest garden. The profuse berries are shiny and sweet like a small blackberry.


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