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Mysore Raspberry  £7.00

Rubus niveus                     Available soon

From southern Asia is this formidable raspberry, with vigorous, pale green canes, large spines and masses of rosy pink flowers.  Not exactly tender, indeed it can survive winter cold with no trouble, but much more productive undercover or at least in a spot sheltered from cold winds and with plenty of sun.

Other than that it requires no special treatment, and is cultivated the same way as any other raspberry by the removal of the old stems once fruiting has finished and training the new stems for the next crop.

If you can find it the warm conditions it requires, it will reward you with large quantities of beautiful bloomy black raspberries right through the summer into the autumn. These are very sweet and juicy though they lack acidity.  This makes them an ideal addition to fruit salads where they not only look good, but also allow you to get away with adding less sugar than you might have had to otherwise. 

Mysore raspberry blossom, Rubus niveus                            Mesore raspberries, Rubus niveus


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