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American Elder     £7.00

Sambucus canadensis     Sold out

Native Elder          £6.00

Sambucus nigra               In stock

Red-Berried Elder £6.50

Sambucus racemosa       Low stock

Everybody is familiar with the Elderberry.   A small tree or large shrub it can reach up to 6m. Easy to grow in any shady spot and always a picture with its frothy white flowers and dark purple berries, both of which are much used for wine making
Even if you can’t find a use for them, plant one by your apple trees and perhaps the birds will eat them instead.

We currently have three species in stock; the common black-berried type, S. nigra;

A more unusual species from Europe, S. racemosa which is one of the tastiest of the elders with masses of red berries very like a red currant; 

And S. canadensis, an American species with dark red berries. This is a good species to grow if all you want is flowers as you need two of the same to obtain fruit and it will flower continuously through the summer if not pollinated. 
S. racemosa and S. canadensis are shrubbier in form than our native species, variable, reaching about 3-4m. They will do well in shade but fruit
better with more sun.

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Sambucus canadensisSambucus racemosa

Sambucus nigra  


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