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Buffalo Berry         £6.50

Shepherdia argentea        Sold out

Native of the USA, this unusual large and attractive shrub, though usually smaller can eventually get to 4m high given the right conditions, anything in full sun, though it tolerates pruning well. 
It is one of the hardiest wild fruits, pretty though, with whitish stems, thin silvery leaves and a few sharp spines.  It does, however, need a male and a female to get the berries, which are usually oval and red and hang in clusters much like Redcurrants. For those who have the room, would work well as a hedge, shelterbelt or in the wildlife garden as it fixes nitrogen in the soil.

As the name implies, it was once used by early settlers to make a jelly to eat with buffalo, possibly not too useful now, but tasty with other meats as well.  Good for sweets too, keeping their flavour, (which is quite acid and said to be improved by a touch of frost) when dried.

  Shepherdia argentea


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