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Skirret                  £5.50

Sium sisarum var. sisarum  In stock

Skirret is an ancient vegetable that was once much loved by the Emperor Tiberius would you believe! No one seems sure where it originated though, long cultivated by our ancestors it's been in and out of the vegetable patch over the centuries many times...

A member of the parsley family it's an umbelifera, easy to grow, infact the most difficult part of it's cultivation is germinating the seed so buying in a young plant is ideal, you can then increase your supply by dividing up the bundles of roots, taking some for the kitchen and planting out the rest. Let it flower as this will not affect the quality, though they will appreciate extra water and a good thick mulch as the best roots are said to be from a moist rich soil.

Although ready from the end of the summer it is as a winter veg it is most useful being a hardy plant, dig them as required. The core of the root can sometimes be tough though, so cook the roots whole and strip off the outer flesh as you eat them...and see if you agree with the Emperor Tiberius.

Skirret, Sium sisarum var. sisarum

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