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Treacleberry           £6.50

Smilacina racemosa         Sold out

Smilacina stellata             In stock

Coming from the woodland, these are useful plants, preferring as they do a good deal of shade.  Herbaceous perennials, they will grow about 60cms tall and once established it can spread to form large clumps.  We have two forms available; 

S. racemosa, which has large racemes of white frothy flowers and is a little more productive in the fruit department;

And S. stellata has white star like flowers and spreads more by underground runners.

Both produce small orangey red fruits in the autumn, which have an unusual bittersweet flavour said to be reminiscent of treacle.

Treacleberry, Smilacina stellataTreacleberry, Smilacina racemosa


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