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Red Huckleberry    £7.00

Vaccinium parvifolium      Sold out

This is a favourite here in the nursery and one we've been trying to propagate for years! Red Huckleberries are a native of North America, it is a close relative of the Blueberry but more delicate looking with small, pale oval leaves and bell like pinky/white flowers in the spring. Like it's cousin it requires an acid or neutral soil and prefers a sheltered sunny spot but seems to thrive here whether the season is dry or wet, if happy it will get to be a little over 1m high over time.

The fruit is not very big but abundent and appears earlier than the Blueberries here in early mid-summer and are delicious!

Red Huckleberry, Vaccinium parvifoliumRed Huckleberries, Vaccinium parvifolium

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